Regulation and policy instructions
[ICUEMALL internet mall] Terms of agreement between members
The rights and obligations is generated between members applying for the ICUEMALL internet mall (hereinafter referred to as “Member") and [ICUEMALL internet mall] (hereinafter referred to as "ICUEMALL") and contractual relationship is constituted between the members and the ICUEMALL, please read the following terms of agreement carefully:

If the members click [Agree] option, or continue to compete the account activation process, or continue to use the service of [ICUEMALL], it is considered the member has finished reading and agreed the following all contents in the terms of agreement.

1.One, [ICUEMALL] service
1. [ICUE] service (hereinafter referred to as "the service"), a trading platform service providing e-commerce for between the buyers and the sellers, only provides the necessary web space, trading platforms and the related mechanism services of the online trading system for both parties of the buyers and the sellers during trading. If the natural disasters or force majeure cause the suspension of the service, ICUEMALL will not be liable for the loss of any members.

2. ICUEMALL only provides the services for the members under this agreement, providing the network platform set up and operated by themselves for the members according to the trading mode set up by the services and the related mechanisms, as well as is responsible for its profits and losses?.

3. If the disputes occur between the buyers and the sellers during the service used by the members, the two parties shall negotiate in private and implement the full responsibilities and fees for transactions. ICUEMALL will not participate in or intervene the transactions and disputes between the members, and won’t guarantee that the quality, safety or legality of the commodity appear in ICUEMALL.

4. When the members use the services, all hardware and software, network connectivity and bandwidth that the members need shall be established and paid by themselves.

5. When the members use the services, they shall follow the ways and the procedures set by the services.

Two, account and password
1. The members must guarantee the data of ICUEMALL provided by themselves, and all data stored in the service of this system are complete, accurate and consistent with the conditions at that time; if the data is found inconsistent , or is changed afterwards, ICUEMALL can specify the deadline and inform the members of modification, or suspend the account and password obtained by the members, and shall suspend the implementation of all or part of this contract, or terminate this contract.

2. The members have the obligations to keep their accounts and password, and shall not disclose the accounts and password or provide for a third person, or lend or transfer to any third person. Where all behavior using the account and password to login the system of the service are considered as the members’ own behavior, and for which they shall be liable, ICUE will not take the liabilities.

Three, The rights and the obligations of the members
1. The rights of the members simply provide transactions with other members for the members who are buyers or sellers. All of behavior and statements of the members don’t represent ICUEMALL. If the behavior and the statements of the members offend against the law or do harm to others or damage the reputation of the ICUEMALL, ICUEMALL will not take the liabilities, and ICUEMALL has the rights to terminate this contract and cancel the rights of the members.

2. ICUEMALL agrees to provide marketing services through the Internet or other appropriate means according to the actual situation in the appropriate manner they deem.

3. The members ensure they won’t never acquire, collect, process use any personal data in any improper way.

4. The members agree, as ICUEMALL launches the related marketing plan, to give priority to cooperation.

5. In order to ensure the implementation of the transaction smoothly, the sellers shall first determine whether they have the rights to sell the commodities and whether the subject of the trading is legitimate, and record information and trading conditions of the commodities in detail. Before the buyers place orders, they shall also examine them in detail and evaluate the information such as the description of the commodity, the ratings and comments of the sellers, the delivery methods, the conditions. If the order is completed, sales and purchase contracts exist between the buyers and the sellers. Either party shall not regret the responsibilities that each of the two parties pay the monies and deliver the commodities for any reason.

Four Bargain transaction
1.The selling prices of the commodity of the members are set by the sellers. At least 10% amount of the commodities set by the sellers (stores can set by themselves ) is considered as the amount for [ICUEMALL] service.

2. Additional 10% deduction of the selling prices from each order is considered as a margin deposit. If the sellers are deducted the margin deposit without breach of contract, it will be settled after 90 days and refunded fully.

3.For the services provided by ICUE MALL, ICUE MALL reserves the rights to cope with the demands of the markets and the receiving of the rise and fall as well as the adjusted proportion of this income bonus. The charge and the adjustment of the related service fees will be announced, published in ICUEMALL, and be come into force after the announcement.

4. If the reasons that the buyers return goods or cancel the orders cause the members to have to refund the monies to the customers, the transaction service fees charged shall not be refundable because both parties of the buyers and the sellers have used the ICUEMALL platform and the transaction has been completed.

5.After the success of the buyers’ orders, the sellers must ship the goods within three working days if there are no ※ special conditions. If the orders occurs within 6 months to be unable to be processed within 3 working days (excluding holidays) more than and including once, the system will deduct margin deposits as fines after 7 days that the violated order occurs, counting by frequencies, 5000 ICUE coins will be deducted from margin deposits each time. If the balance of the margin deposit is insufficient, the balance in the sellers’ account will be deducted. If the sellers’ account balance is insufficient, all commodities of the sellers are taken off store shelves, and the function to hit the shelves of the sellers’ commodities is stopped for a month.
※ Special conditions are as follows : If the delivery is not on time for the reason of the logistics, (national holiday, the Chinese New Year, natural disasters, etc.) and causes the goods not to be shipped on time, the margin deposits won’t be deducted.

6. If the buyers have any doubts about fines, they can generate reports via ICUE, ICUEMALL customer service department will assist them.
7. If the buyers does not pick up the goods by limited time the logistics designates to cause the commodity to be returned to the seller, the order will be cancelled. The system will refund the monies (shipping charges are exempted) to the buyers, the shipping charges will be transferred to the sellers’ account.

Five Accounting management
1. If there is no refund or commodity dispute after receiving commodity, the system will automatically transfer monies to account of buyer within 20 days after the buyers confirm the order in the backstage

2. The sellers can search for the margin deposits, current accumulated margin deposits and the fines generated by which order in the webpages of margin deposits. If the sellers are deducted the margin deposit without breach of contract, it will be settled after 90 days and refunded fully.

Six Obligations of confidentiality
1. The members shall have the confidential obligations for the content of this contract, [ICUEMALL] service system, and the undisclosed data and the trade secrets of ICUEMALL that is possessed and aware due to this contract, and shall not provide or leak to the third party in any ways as well as also shall not turn into other purposes. The same shall also apply to the termination of this contract for any reason or after elimination.

2. The members fully understand and agree that users who consume it via [ICUEMALL] in accordance with the system of trading mechanisms are the ICUEMALL members, and all personal data and transaction data of which are possessed by ICUEMALL as well as are the trade secret agreed by ICUEMALL in this contract. The members only shall perform it within the necessary range that fulfill this contract or fulfil the transaction, shall not provide or disclose to any third party, and shall not use in any other purpose. The members shall not, unless providing the necessary service, in any other purpose and manner use personal data and transaction data of ICUEMALL members, including but not limited to purposes of marketing or promotion of goods or services.

3. When the members violate the agreement in this article, ICUEMALL, the person in charge or employees are investigated or prosecuted by the competent authority, or are claimed the rights by a third party for this reason, they shall come forward to be liable for the proper handling in accordance with the requirements of the ICUEMALL, and provide explanation, evidence or other assistance where necessary. ICUEMALL shall suspend the implementation of all or part of this contract, and shall terminate this contract; If ICUEMALL, the person in charge or employees suffer damages or expenses on the property or on the non-property for this reason, the members shall be liable for reimbursement or compensation, including but not limited to legal fares, penalties, fines, damages or settlement fees, and reasonable attorney's fees.

Seven, Guarantee
1. The two parties shall guarantee they possess the necessary position, eligibility, authority or permission according to the law, shall operate their business legitimately and implement the agreement in the contract fully.

2. Where the members violate the agreement or the guarantee in this contract, ICUEMALL shall terminate the members to use the service temporarily.

Eight special agreement
1. The monies paid by the services pay for the members are limited to ICUE coins –belonging to ICUE common currency. Any currency other than the ICUE coins is not accepted; The monies that the services settle and pay are also ICUE coins. Where the members require to appropriate and exchange the monies, they shall be limited to the exchange of ICUE coins in accordance with ICUE platform and shall not require this platform to transact with other currency.

2. The members and the consumers shall use the services in accordance with the method and the procedure set in the service. If the members and the consumers don’t follow the specific method or violate the contract or the related agreement in the service to cause the two parties to fail to complete the transaction, the receivables or the payment, the company shall not be liable for damages.

Nine, Limitation of Liability
1. This service is only provided for the members according the function at that time and the current conditions. ICUEMALL makes no warranties or guarantee, expressed or implied, for the particular needs or expectations of the members ; ICUEMALL shall reserve the rights to modify all or part of the features of the service at any time.

2. When the service-related hardware and software as well as equipment are relocated, replaced, upgraded, maintained or repaired, ICUEMALL shall suspend or discontinue all or part of the service after prior notice.

3. Based on network characteristics, the messages uploaded or published by the members are not guaranteed by ICUEMALL, its content or transfer process are all true, reliable and correct. The members shall make sure if the messages uploaded or published are correct within their discretion at any time, and backup and save a file by themselves. ICUEMALL won’t be liable for damage due to the mistakes or lost data caused by system processing, transfer process or the failure of system backup.

Ten, Breach and termination
1. 1. The two parties agree that the members shall not have any of the following behavior:
(1) Online shoppers are intended to conduct the private transaction with the members or the third party instead of [ICUEMALL] trading mechanism.

(2). Set the link in any form within the network platform offered by the services, so that Internet users can link to any online stores or sales webpages other than [ICUEMALL], including but not limited to other online stores where the members create and operate by themselves, or online stores opened by other online mall.

2. If the members violate all of the regulations in this contract, ICUEMALL shall shut down the network platform without notice temporarily and shall suspend the implementation of all or part of this contract, or terminate this contract.

3. Where any party is closed until further notice, has excess debt, starts settlement or bankruptcy procedures, files for reorganization or conduct reorganization, or is difficult to continue to fulfill its obligations, the other party shall immediately terminate the contract without waiting for summons.

4. When the contract is terminated or eliminated for some reasons, the consumer disputes are generated due to termination or from the transaction before elimination, unless the nature is not applicable, the contract is still deemed to be valid and effective.

Eleven, Content and amendment of the agreement
1.The notifications published by ICUEMALL as the members apply for using this service, the relevant usage instructions or rules of the service and announcements and descriptions of this system during the contract are considered part of this contract. Regarding the matter that is not agreed in this contract, the agreed content such as the notifications, usage instructions or rules, announcements and descriptions shall be given priority to applying.

2. The two parties agree that ICUEMALL shall modify and amend this agreement, but shall notify the members with the announcements of the system before modification or amendment. If the members disagree with modification or amendment, they shall stop using the services; If the members continue to use the service during this period, the content of agreement after modification or amendment is considered to be agreed by the members . If the members disagree the content of the agreement after modification or amendment, ICUEMALL shall terminate the contract.

Twelve, other agreement
1. This contract shall not be construed as relationship of partnership, employment or mutual agency between ICUEMALL and the members.

2. The exercise or non-exercise of rights generated under this contract, in whole or in part, does not affect the exercise of other rights, the non-exercise thereof also shall not be considered as waiving.

3. In addition to the prior written consent by the other party, any party shall not transfer all or part of rights or obligations generated by this contract to the third party, also shall not commission the third party to implement; but both parties agree, ICUEMALL shall transfer all or part of the rights or obligations generated by this contract to the ICUEMALL affiliated company, or support, or assign to business of [ICUEMALL] services or the third party of assets.